Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Red Sands

As our trip to France came to closer and closer to the end the last three days were devoted to visiting as much as possible. On Wednesday we traveled to Canyon du Diable or Canyon of the Devil which is a gorge located near Saint-Jean-de-Fos. The landscape is unique in that the area is surrounded by deep red and brittle rock with streams and trees running at the base of the canyon walls. It reminds me more of Arizona than France and shows the distinctness of Herault. Upon arrival, we hiked the canyon in nearly 90-degree weather and passed the time by guessing celebrities.After reaching the deepest part of the canyon we returned to the bus and found a lake near the canyon. The lake, known as Lac du Salagou also had red sand and the water while cool was filled with plants and algae which was less than enjoyable. After a good 30 minutes of swimming, we returned to the bus and proceeded back to Montpellier.
Cadets Valentine and Smolenski with Dr.Strobbe and our tour guide Jeremy 

View of Canyon du Diable

Cadets Cooper and Parada posting with Big Red and French flag

Local house near the canyon

The shore of  Lac du Salagou