Saturday, July 9, 2016

Great Cave

Once again,we had returned to Saint-Jean-de-Fos to visit  the cave named Grotte de la Clamouse.  The Citadel group entered the cool and damp cave for over an hour traveling nearly a kilometer into the cliff face. Even though this was the second crystal cave we had entered it was unique in that it had some mineral formations not seen at the Grotte des Demoiselles. These formations included small branches tubes of limestone stalactites and snowflake like growths of aragonite which we could be found throughout the cave.  The most spectacular part of the tour was a light show which took place in one of the main chambers of the cave which easily impressed everyone that saw the display. After exiting the cave we made a quick stop to the nearby Pont du Diable or the Bridge of the Devil which is an ancient Roman bridge in Saint-Jean-de-Fos.We were told that according to legend, the bridge was built by the Devil for a village and in return, the Devil would take the first soul that crosses the bridge but the village allowed a dog to cross first. Before leaving, we walked along the bridge and enjoyed the architecture and beautiful waters of Gardon river who was filled with canoes and swimmers.
Interior of Grotte de la Clamouse

Light show within one of the chambers

Aragonite mineral formations

Pont du Diable

Dr. Strobbe with our tour guide

Picture of Gardon River from the Pont du Diable