Saturday, June 18, 2016


For the first excursion of the France study abroad trip, my group went to the Grotte Des Demoiselles or the Cave of Young Ladies, which is an ancient cavern with walls covered in massive crystals and stalactites. As we arrived into the countryside of Ganges, I was amazed with the lush meadows and woodlands that occupied Herault. In order to access the cave, the group had use a tram and walk hundreds of meters in to the plateau where the heart of cave system resides. It was cool, dark and damp labyrinth that was completely alien to me and I was enraptured through the whole experience. The greatest part of the trip happened at the la Cath├ędrale, or the Cathedral. Here all the Citadel boys sang the the Alma Mater to demonstrate the acoustic properties of the chamber and it was easily the most memorable part of the trip.
Looking over the valley near Grotte Des Demoiselles
Myself descending into the La Cathedrale

The whole Citadel group in the La Cathedrale
One of many chamber in Grotte Des Demoiselles

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