Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Riding in the Countryside

On the third week of our trip, we were greeted with an unexpected surprise from our Professor, Mm. Strobbe. She had organized a trip in which we went to a small ranch near Le Grau-du-Roi, which provided horseback riding. When we arrived the group was quickly impressed with the beauty of the horses as the majority were pure white Camargue which are locate to the region.  Only three cadets had previous experience with horse riding so the rest of us got trail horses which were fairly limited in their movement. The route we took was a lush stretch of woodland with a lake on its side. Personally, I found it memorizing being able to pass through meadows and blue waters on a gorgeous animal, it gave a real sense of antiquity and a strong connection to Occitania. We finished the trip with a gallop along a stretch of dirt road and we said goodbye as they were put in their stables.
First time riding  a horse
Front of the caravan
Riding through a nearby lake

Classmates waiting to begin the trek

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